Frequently Asked Questions

These are our most frequently asked questions. If you can't find your answer below, feel free to contact us at

What's does made From Scratch really mean?

From Scratch means that we make all of our sweets out of quality ingredients without using help from store bought products such as "boxed cake mixes" or "canned frosting".
We value our work too much to contaminate it with store bought products.

How do I order and pick up my sweet treats?

We are a home based bakery so all orders must be pre-ordered. All you have to do to order is email us! We do not have a store front. For pickups, once your order is confirmed we will send you our address and schedule a pick up time with you.

I saw a cake on Pinterest and want the exact same thing, will you make it for me?

We are an authentic, one of a kind bakery and will not in any way copy someone else's hard work and creations. You are more than welcome to send us your ideas, so we can recreate the look in our own style.

How late is too late to place an order?

We only allow a set number of orders per week. To avoid disappointment we suggest that you book as soon as possible. 2-3 weeks in advance is recommended.
(This does not include wedding bookings)

What form of payment do you take?

All orders are paid for through email, with online invoices.

Where are you located?

We are a home based bakery located Columbus, Ohio.

Where can I buy your sweet treats?

At the moment we are currently only available for pre-orders.