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Riley Harris is the owner and founder of From Scratch Cupcakes. She began the business in 2012 as a 13-year-old out of her parent’s kitchen. While starting in cupcakes, From Scratch has grown to offer a wider assortment of products such as wedding cakes, brownies and specialty items. Over the years, she has continued to grow her clientele, catering graduation parties, weddings, and photo shoots.
All of these accomplishments led her to travel to London, England in the fall of 2017 to study at the Peggy Porschen academy. While in London, Riley earned 5 diplomas in areas like decorating techniques, baking layering and icing, wedding cakes, tiered wedding cakes, and sugar flowers.
The one factor above all that makes From Scratch stand out in the crowd is its dedication to quality. Each cake is made from scratch, using only quality ingredients. Each design and assortment is hand-crafted by Riley herself, giving special attention to the often-overlooked details.

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